Andy Zelkalns

John de Lang

May 28-June 18
Public Reception: Saturday, May 28. 1pm-4pm

From the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated by the grace and beauty of birds, with a feeling of envy for their freedom to navigate the skies. We often catch fleeting glimpses of them—but it is almost impossible to take a lingering look at their intricate feathering and brilliant hues. If we come too close, they take to flight and we can only admire them from a distance.  

Photographer Andy Zeltkalns and bird carver John de Lang both share a deep appreciation for the special world that their subjects inhabit. And they invite you to take a ‘flight of fancy’ to explore their artistic impressions of the birds of the garden, forest, and marshland.  

Andy has been involved in photography for the past four decades, transforming the beauty of his environment into images that bring pleasure to others. His wildlife photographs vividly portray the experiences discovered when walking in the woods or gazing out over the lake. The collection in this exhibit are his favourites, taken near his backyard bird feeder or during his outdoor explorations. From the tiny Ruby-throated Hummingbird to the much larger Great Blue Heron and Barred Owl, these images represent a variety of birds that can be seen throughout Muskoka and beyond.  

John studied his craft with master carvers throughout North America, animating songbirds and other wildfowl through tupelo and basswood. He shapes the contours, textures the feathers, and shades his carvings with a passion for capturing authenticity. John particularly enjoys creating interesting mounts that complement the carvings, often with an eye to the natural habitat. The works in this show include the American robin, goldfinch, chickadee, cardinal, nuthatch, blackburnian warbler, loon and other species.  

This medley of two and three-dimensional representations creates a dual perspective for the viewers. The keen eye of the camera portrays them in action, while the carvings offer a leisurely look at the details we can rarely see. The exhibit will initiate or deepen the guests’ familiarity with the intriguing realm of birds, kindling interest in their diverse habitats and showcasing their magnificence.  

The opening reception, on Saturday, May 28 from 1 to 4 pm, will feature live music by Duetto, with flautist Brenda Smallwood and pianist Marilyn de Lang performing a diverse program of classics, jazz and contemporary stylings.

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