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February 14 - March 7
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 14, 1pm-4pm

February is that in between month, just after Christmas and just before Spring. It’s a time when the members of Muskoka Arts & Crafts buckle down to prepare new work for the upcoming season.  

Every year, the Chapel Gallery Committee for Muskoka Arts & Crafts thinks of a concept for its annual gallery challenge.

This year, the Chapel Gallery Committee asked the members to create work about being “in between.” Members were encouraged to explore the theme from a compositional viewpoint, focusing on the spaces in between the elements of a painting or delve into the theme of transition between two pieces or life phases through their choice of subject matter.

“It’s always a surprise and an inspiration as to what our members will create for these annual gallery challenges, I’m constantly intrigued how our members interpret the themes the Chapel Gallery Committee thinks up to challenge their imagination,” remarks Elene Freer, the executive director for Muskoka Arts & Crafts.

Wendie Donabie’s puppy was the perfect subject for her painting that shows a sleeping puppy with its head poking out from beneath a blanket and sandwiched between two pairs of human feet. “The love of our pets inspired this painting I titled Puppy Love: The Only Love That Comes Between Us. Anyone with a dog or cat has had the experience of sharing their bed with their furry companion. It tickled my funny bone thinking about the human feet and the puppy paws all sticking out of the bed covers.”

Puppy Love by Wendie Donabie

The setting sun captivated Andrea Ross’ imagination. “Between daytime and the sunset there is a short time of long shadows and warm reddish light that falls on the landscape. This is the in between time that I have hopefully captured in my oil painting, Late Summer Sun.”

Late Summer Sun by Andrea Ross

“The opportunity to show with fellow members in a non competitive atmosphere often produces whimsical works that may not have happened otherwise,” says Hilary Clark Cole, a Gravenhurst based sculptor and member of the Chapel Gallery Committee. For this exhibition, Hilary hand built a steel, two foot high wall sculpture of pollywogs, in various stages of development, looking up at a fully grown frog sitting on a lily pad. “I called the sculpture, Aspiration, adds Hilary with a quiet chuckle.

This exhibition is also a great opportunity for the members of Muskoka Arts & Crafts to experiment outside of their normal subject matter. For some artists, it can even inspire a whole series of new work. “Every winter, I get excited to discover what the next challenge will entail,” says Bracebridge painter Pat Whittle. “Normally, I paint or design my art around themes or colours that just plain excite me, but having to work in the framework of someone else’s dictate can present a challenge which can take you down a new path and a new discovery.”  

The members’ challenge is also intended as a way to artistically shake off the winter doldrums and get the creative juices flowing. Huntsville painter, Carol Pollock comments: “The theme is appealingly broad. In the depths of a long, hard winter, the challenge offers a chance to be seasonally effective.” For Janice Feist, the gallery’s challenge stimulates her creative mind. “It helps me to re-focus on painting. It is a great exercise which expands the scope of subject matter for me to tell a story."

Bruce Tyner

Betwixt & Between will be on display at Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ Chapel Gallery from February 14 until March 7. An opening reception takes place on Saturday, February 14 between 1pm and 4pm.

The Chapel Gallery is located at 15 King Street in Bracebridge. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 10am to 5pm with admission by donation.

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Exhibitions are booked one year in advance.  To learn how to apply for a show, please follow this link: Exhibition Application.

The Chapel Gallery was opened in September, 1989. Housed in a reconstruction of the first Presbyterian Church in Bracebridge, the Chapel Gallery hosts exhibitions of art and craft by our members and other local and provincial artists. Exhibitions are selected by the Gallery Committee and change every three to four weeks.

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