Come and try my rowboats on the Muskoka River
just north of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

15' St. Lawrence Skiff

Traditional Designs in Modern Materials

The hulls are lapstrake construction of 6mm, 5 ply marine mahogany plywood with all laps epoxy glued (no ribs means a clean interior).  All wood surfaces are sealed with two coats of West epoxy. The bottom is cover with 6oz fiberglass set in epoxy plus two coats of graphite filled epoxy for protection when hauling the boat ashore over rocks.  These boats will not dry out and leak -- ever!  Four coats of varnish are applied on all the wood surfaces that are not painted.


15' Electric Cruiser

15' & 18' Electric Cruiser

The 15' electric cruiser meets the Canadian Guard Standards for foam flotation, lights, bilge pump, circuit breaker, lockable on/off switch, and oars.  The two deep cycle 12 volt batteries are estimated to drive the boat for six hours at 6mph, twenty hours at 5mph , or over forty hours at 4mph carrying four people in calm waters.

The 18' electric is like an early steam launch. The three deep cycle batteries are estimated to drive the boat for six hours at 6mph, twenty hours at 5mph, or forty hours at 4mph carrying up to eight people in calm waters.

These boats can still be rowed comfortably since the electric motor has minimal drag.

Very Fast Whitehall


15' Rowboat


17' Rowboat

(all prices are in Canadian funds; 
No, GST; PST charged on Ontario purchases; 
prices may change without notice)

Very Fast Whitehall
Drop-in sliding seat and 9' wood oars

Fast Row Boat
17 feet, 110lbs
Herreshhoff version of the St. Lawrence Skiff
$3,500 and up

Fisherman Row Boat
15 feet, 100lbs
Stable, good rowing
$2,900 and up

15' Electric Cruiser (300lbs)
to Canadian Coast Guard standards and
with standard option package and oars

18' Electric Cruiser (800lbs)
with standard option package and oars
$18,000 and up

18' St Lawrence Skiff
Cedar strip with fiberglass inside and out
$6,500 and up

Forward Facing Rowing Rig
installed on 14' or 17' boat

Oars-With Oarlocks
7 1/2 feet

Standard Option Package
3 cane seats, 1 seat back
Additional $1,200

Other Options
Wicker chair; Foot rest; Sun roof; and more

Up to 40km = Lunch
40-200km Round Trip = 40cents per km plus lunch


211 Bonnell Road, Bracebridge, Ontario


All artwork on this page is copyrighted by Albert Eatock. 
It may not be copied or reproduced by any means or used without the expressed approval of Albert Eatock.

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