Adamson, Helene
Helene works in oil, acrylic, and pastel. Although she has painted a variety of subjects she most enjoys painting portraits and figurative pieces. 
Barley-Cohrs, Dayna
Dayna works mainly in oils, charcoal, and ink. Commissions for portraits of people, pets, or buildings are welcome.
Beiers, Sherry
Sherry’s love of the outdoors and genuine concern for the environment provide her with unlimited motivation and subject matter to photograph and create her vibrant acrylic paintings.
Beninger, Connie
With her paintings, Connie conveys her feelings about the beauty and tranquility found in nature.  
Bews, Bonnie  
Bonnie works in Hinterglas; a traditional form of glass painting. Inspiration comes from the natural environment that, when combined with Bonnie's imagination, shows us the expected world of fairies, frogs and dragonflies.
Broda, Maggie
As I paint, I hope to simplify the immediate moment as it occurs on the landscape. I use colour and light to melt impressionism with realism so that the viewers may draw their personal experiences with nature to complete the paintings.
Contant, Joanne
Primarily self-taught, Joanne paints mostly local landscapes and still life in oil and is experimenting with abstracts in acrylic paints. She sees beauty in everyday objects and in nature and aspires to reflect this quality in her paintings. 
Crosgrey, Christopher
My paintings deal with northern and cottage country themes, and explore the interplay of light and shadow throughout the seasons. They’re generally loosely rendered with brushwork and colour emphasized over detail. 
Davis, Martha
Martha's paintings have evolved out of a  recreated landscape in order to construct a loose, impressionistic close-up view of what she sees. What appeals to Martha in watercolour is its delicacy and huge element of surprise; whereas with acrylic and oil, the palette knife sculpts the canvas in exciting waves of juicy combinations.
Dawson, David
David uses the land for inspiration to express light, form and colour. Subconsciously, his experience with architectural renderings also plays a part in his quest and exploration as he approaches each canvas.
Dempsey, Gayle
Gayle Dempsey's love of Muskoka and her love of learning are reflected in her life and her painting. She is owner and artist-in-residence of the Muskoka Place Gallery where she paints, mostly in watercolour and acrylic, and offers a variety of classes with renowned artists.
Doberstein, Sara Jane
An oil painter who thrives by experimenting with different techniques in order to grow and develop as an artist.
Dodds, Vicki
"My process has been and continues to be a glorious journey."
Donabie, Wendie
My inspiration comes mostly from the natural world around me. A painting subject must stir my emotions or the resulting art will be lifeless. My style ranges from realistic and impressionistic to symbolic and whimsical.
Driedger, Roxanne
Roxanne is a self taught artist who is passionate about landscape painting and portraiture. 
Durnan, Dale
Dale's whimsical, sentimental style lends itself to memory portraits of life and times both old and new.
Eck, Susan
Inspired by colour, nature, and energy, Susan uses painting and poetry to balance, link the importance, and beauty of intimacy in life and in our natural environment. She works with oil, mixed media and acrylic.
Embree, Jon Christopher
I believe that art emanates from a mythological and magical wellspring. These themes are apparent in most of my work. Even my landscapes are linked to a spiritual connection to the environment and the human experience.
Fairhead, Pat
Pat has painted full time since 1979 and is considered to be one of the top woman painters in Canada. Her sweeping expressive landscapes and gardens exhibit the fresh luminous colours and highly controlled brush techniques that are the traits of a Master Watercolourist. 
Gammon, Iris
Iris paints, in oils, the craggy shores, windswept pines and weather barns of Muskoka.
Garbett, Paul
After 25 years of trying to make a difference in the corporate sector, Paul has made a conscious choice to pursue a life that will directly enrich peoples lives through the process of painting and sculpting.
Gordon, Jane
Jane uses oil paints and a palette knife to describe the texture and colour of Muskoka's landscape.
Gosevitz, Susan
Visual artist Susan Gosevitz is a painter of nature inspired by the natural beauty and peacefulness of Muskoka. Working in oils and acrylics, Susan’s paintings capture natural moments in images that are serene and calm.
Grimm, Carola
Carola is a self taught artist who creates paintings, 3D paintings and whimsical sculptures. A self-taught artist, she also creates folk art pieces made mostly from found items.
Griffin-Smith, Donna
An avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, Donna’s experiences when hiking, paddling and wilderness camping provide the inspiration for her watercolour paintings. Realistic landscapes, floral and nature studies portray her love of the outdoors.
Haviland, R.W.
R.W. (Bobbi) Haviland is a professional visual artist living and working in Ontario's Near North. 
Hunter, Nancy
Nancy is influenced by an artistic community, creative friends and family. She concentrates her energies on learning and teaching, art and design.
Jamieson, Margaret, McGinn
Margaret feels that a painting is like looking out a window at a scene you love to see when you can’t actually be there. 
Jeens, Gretchen
"My desire is to share with others an appreciation for each day of our lives. I use a combination of acrylic, watercolour, and ink to share the joy of our common everyday experiences."
Lynn, Lynda
Lynda captures the elusive qualities of light and colour in paintings employing a variety of media. Her subject matter range from the raw essence of the Canadian landscape to abstractions. 
Manson, Fran
Fran is a self taught artist who began painting and sketching in 2005. She has exhibited her work in galleries and shows in Florida, Waterloo, Toronto and Muskoka.
Marshall, Christine
Christine, "Canada’s First Lady of Wildlife Art," creates breathtaking original paintings on canvas in immense detail with exceptional artistry, emotion and sensitivity. 

Mendelson Joe 
Mendelson Joe is the quintessential Canadian outsider artist. Landscapes, social commentary, nudes, and portraits are all impassioned themes that he translates in his own vivid style. His paintings are internationally recognized as outstanding examples of contemporary Canadian art.

Moses, Wendy   
Inspired by flowers and nature scenes, Wendy's watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings shy away from realism into abstraction. She is also a photographer with a keen eye and good sense of composition. 
Murden, John
An internationally recognized Canadian artist whose original watercolours and limited edition prints are collected world-wide.
Murdoch, Ron
With his paintings, Ron captures the moods of Algonquin and Muskoka - both past and present. He works mainly in watercolours and oils, using various other mediums as the subject dictates.
Owles, Scott
"I see my work as the acquisition of an understanding, the most essential comprehension of art as a visual language. The subjects I tend to gravitate towards are those of life's contrasts - neither the ideal nor the philosophical, but the experiential."
Pollock, Carol
Carol Pollock is a Muskoka painter whose interest lies in the figure and is currently working in acrylic on canvas or linen.
Robinson, Richard
Using both palette knife and brush technique, Richard creates vibrant oil paintings which capture the beauty and majesty of Muskoka on canvas.  
Scholz, Elke   
Elke is a well known artist and an Expressive Arts Therapist who has spent 30 years painting, art coaching and managing her successful art studio
Stahle-Fraser, Janet   
Woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, monotypes, paintings, wall hangings, as well as fine art book printing and binding. The content of Janet's is mainly symbolic, intended to awaken the imagination, soul and powers of interpretation. 
Stephenson, Anita
Anita’s portraits celebrate the richness of human experience and embody her belief that the artist must put herself into her work, must risk revealing her own emotional and artistic sensibilities, to convey a particular way of seeing the world. 
TenEycke, Barb
Canadian landscape inspired, Barb’s work ranges from realism to abstract. Passion, depth, and contrast are always key elements. Oversized canvases are a specialty.
Ticknor, David
David’s original paintings represent a variety of subjects including landscapes, florals and contemporary works. He paints using palette knives and intense, deep, rich and vibrant colours that come alive and evoke deep emotional responses. 
Thur, Carole
Carole paints with acrylic on hand-crafted wood items such as paddles, trays and boxes as well as on canvas. She has also painted murals for children's bedrooms. Her style of painting is part impressionistic with a little added realism. 
Twaddle, Roberta  
Working with acrylics and all the various mediums available, my painting process is a step by step discovery. I enjoy playing with colour and texture and allow myself to let the painting take its own shape. Therein lies the freedom of expressing myself in that moment.
Walton, Lloyd
Lloyd journeys from Cape Spear, Newfoundland to Albert Bay, British Columbia directing the viewer to vestiges of the past, both abandoned and honoured, in intense, vivid colour. Drawing from his experience as a film maker, Lloyd gently guides the eye across, around and into the image eliciting its narrative.
Whittle, Pat
"Patterns, textures, and smoky images in art and literature have always fascinated me. Experimentation has led me to explore printmaking, encaustic, acrylic, oil and watercolour mediums."

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